How can I prevent the build window from showing in Sublime Text 2 whenever I make a build with Ctrl+B?


The default setting is in Preferences.sublime-settingsin the Default bundle:

// Shows the Build Results panel when building. If set to false, the Build
// Results can be shown via the Tools/Build Results menu.
"show_panel_on_build": true,

You can either edit that, or add an override to your user settings (on OS X: Sublime Text 2 » Preferences » Settings – User or Cmd,).

  • Is it possible disable it only with certain build schemes? – Qwerty Aug 21 '15 at 12:00

Or you can set it programmatically in Sublime Text 3 with some added logic, eg. show on errors only.

open and edit \Sublime Text 3\Packages\Default\exec.py*
*note: Default.sublime-package is a renamed zip archive.

notice these two functions

def on_data(self, proc, data):

def on_finished(self, proc):
    # some logic here

More reading here.

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