My XFCE desktop has multiple workspaces, and I have terminals open across the workspaces, each terminal containing a ssh session.

I usually have around 10 SSH sessions open at a time, I was wondering if there was any way to set up a keyboard shortcut that would list all my open ssh sessions, and allow me to search for and select a session, which will switch to the appropriate terminal.

I'm open to other ideas, I just want to manage all my ssh sessions, so i can switch to the one I want quickly.

Note: I sometimes have duplicate sessions open to the same host, so having some way to mark each session for later search would be even nicer.



My solution to that was to use multiple tabs on a single xfce4-terminal window with the nice --drop-down option bound to Mod+Space.

That way you can see all the sessions on the tab names, which can even be renamed, and I can quickly switch between opened tabs with Alt+Number.

More info on that.

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