Is it possible to use sparse image bundles on the Mac in the same fashion as I would use files split with Terminal's split command?

If I show the package contents of the sparse image bundle in the Finder I see the following directory structure:


The folder bands contains files that are almost all 8MB in size.
What I would like to do is upload these separate 8MB files, download them later, and put them together again in the sparse image bundle.

Would I be able to access the files on the recompiled disk image?


You could do that, but you'll have to be careful to reassemble the bundle components properly or it won't work. I'd recommend using a segmented image instead; that way you get control of the size of the files it's broken into, and there's less complexity to reassembling it. Use something like this:

hdiutil segment -o segmentedImage.dmg -segmentSize 20m unsegmentedImage.dmg

This will create segmentedImage.dmg, segmentedImage.002.dmgpart, segmentedImage.003.dmgpart, etc. To reassemble, just put them all in the same folder (with the filenames intact), double-click segmentedImage.dmg, and it'll mount.

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