When importing data from an atom feed in PowerPivot, I get the following error:

XML parsing failed at line 7, column 727: Semicolon expected.

The feed currently only returns two entries, and PowerPivot's "Preview & Filter" feature has no problems displaying these entries. However, when attempting to import the rows, PowerPivot reports the error above.

I am using the latest version of PowerPivot for Excel 2010.

What could be causing this error?

Other information:

  • I tried saving the raw XML from the feed to a file - PowerPivot reads this "feed" just fine!
  • Basic authentication (user/password) is required to access the feed.
  • I suspected it might have to do with my locale settings (Denmark), but changing these to United States had no effect.
  • I have validated the raw feed contents using the Atom Feed Validator, and it comes out valid.
  • I tried locating the position to which the error refers, but the whole XML feed is returned without insignificant white space, i.e. as a single line. Where is line 7 then?

All of the above makes me think that this has nothing to do with the feed itself, but how PowerPivot handles the feed.

Update: This error doesn't occur on our client's computer, thus confirming that the problem lies within PowerPivot and not the feed.


I had a similar problem loading a Microsoft SQL Azure Database into excel. The way I got past this was connecting via powerquery and selecting all the tables. This automatically creates the data model in powerpivot for me to use. I know this was posted over a year ago, hope this helps someone else looking for answers to this.

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