I want to insert some landscape pages in my word document. I click in the first page that I want to make it landscape and then I select "Page Layout > Break > Next Page" but the endnotes page that is after that page (and must be) moves to the previous page of that page. How can I insert landscape pages just before endnotes page in Word 2010?

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I’m working with a Microsoft Word document that uses endnotes.  It is all one Microsoft Word “section”, in portrait orientation; let’s say it is three pages long.  I want to add page 4 in landscape mode, and then switch back to portrait for the rest of the document.  So I click at the bottom of page 3, select “Page Layout > Break > Next Page”, click in the newly created page 4, insert another section break, and then I can format section 2 (page 4) as landscape.  This works fine, but the endnotes stay behind on page 3.  I want to have the endnotes on the last page; how can I do this?

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    – Hadi
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Click on the thing in the lower right corner of the “Footnotes” panel on the “References” tab:

                        enter image description here

This should bring up the “Footnote and Endnote” dialog box.  Make sure “Endnotes” is selected, and then make sure that the “Location” is set to “End of document” (rather than “End of section”):

            enter image description here

Click on “Apply”.  Note: this answer is based on Microsoft Word 2007 (but apparently it works for Microsoft Word 2010 as well).


Select the page you want to make landscape. Go to Page Layout, click on the little button in the corner of Page Setup, click on Landscape and set Apply To to Selected sections.

  • Thanks, but it doesn't work, because making landscape applies to selected "section" not selected "page", and all of my doc is one section, and when I want to create a new section before endnotes page, endnotes pages that belongs to the previous section moves to the end of that section.
    – Hadi
    Jan 25, 2013 at 9:39

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