In my .emacs I have the following line of code:

(modify-syntax-entry ?_ "." python-mode-syntax-table)

This is so that commands like forward-word and backward-kill-word stop at any underscores that are in a word. This is different behavior than the default, and it is the behavior I want. The problem is that then auto-complete-mode also respects underscores as word boundaries in an undesirable way. For example, if I have a variable called foo_var, and I type fo and then try to complete, it will only complete to foo not foo_var.

In text-mode and c-mode the behavior is exactly what I want i.e. motion obeys underscores, but auto-complete-mode will complete across them. What do I need to change in my auto-complete-mode configuration to fix this in Python?


I managed to get my problem solved. I did a diff on the syntax tables loaded for both python-mode and c-mode (using C-h s). I noticed that in c-mode, the underscore was a symbol character ("_") and in python-mode the underscore was a punctuation character ("."). So, I simply changed the aforementioned line of code to

(modify-syntax-entry ?_ "_" python-mode-syntax-table)

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