I very recently switched to Chrome, and it generally works fine, but my last problem with it is lack of / and ' shortcuts.

For those that don't know:

  • / is more or less like ctrl-f
  • ' is like /, but searches only in link texts

The important factor in "more or less" is that in Firefox, when I press enter, and current found string is on links (which is always the case with '-searching) - the link is followed.

So, for example, then I'll go to reddit.com, and type:

  • '
  • p
  • i
  • enter

I will go to "pics" subreddit.

Is there any way to have these shortcuts work in chrome, or, at the very least, make ctrl-f work like / in firefox - i.e. pressing enter would follow link?


The Type-ahead-find extension does all of these things: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/type-ahead-find/cpecbmjeidppdiampimghndkikcmoadk

To following a highlighted link, no extension necessary, hit esc, enter.

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