I am looking for something similar to the chrome extension, DeadMouse for jumping tabs. I know there is Ctrl+#, but is there a way to use some sort of hotkey to then switch tabs via typing in text? I have searched and cannot find an extension that already does this. Focus existing tab on open does not appear to be available anymore...at least not in my updated chrome. Will I have to create my own extension?


I wrote an extension to do just that (though 5 years too late for the OP). QuicKey (available in the Chrome webstore) adds a drop-down menu of recently used tabs that you can navigate via the keyboard. But you can also search for a tab by its title or URL, and then switch to it.

There are other tab extensions that let you search for a tab, but most don't do a great job of ordering the results. QuicKey uses a variation of the Quicksilver algorithm to sort the results, so you can type a query that matches capital letters or the beginnings of words, like nyt for The New York Times, but that doesn't appear as a substring. Recently used tabs also get boosted in the results, so usually it takes just a few characters to find the tab you want.


Why not pin these tabs (right click -> Pin Tab) and use Ctrl-# you mentioned?

Or Ctrl-Shift to go to the next tab (and Ctrl-Shift-Tab) to switch between two adjacent tabs?

  • First, I have too many pinned tabs. Second, it is much more convenient to type cnbc than remember it is the 7th tab. – Justin Pihony Jan 30 '13 at 3:38

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