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Why do certain commands not show up when you type “help” in cmd.exe?

If I enter HELP in the Windows 7 command prompt, it will give me a substantial list of command prompts. But, this list doesn't appear to cover every prompt that can be entered in the Windows 7 command prompt. For example, it does not have IPCONFIG, or NSLOOKUP, or many others.

What is the reason for this?


HELP only shows built-in commands. All executables in your %PATH% can be called, too. To see your path, try echo %PATH%.

If you want to know where an executable that you can execute (such as NSLOOKUP) is, check out Is there an equivalent of 'which' on windows?.

To see all executables in your %PATH%, search all the directories in it for files having one of your PATHEXT's.

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