I am looking for an open source java blogging software that is easy to use and customise.

I am looking a blog application that (preferably) has the following features:

  1. Enable me to tag my post with multiple tags.
  2. Can be run under apache tomcat 6.0
  3. Spring MVC based
  4. Filters comments that has spam

Does anyone has a suggestion ?


Pebble seems to be what you need:

Pebble is a lightweight, open source, Java EE blogging tool. It's small, fast and feature-rich with unrivalled ease of installation and use. Blog content is stored as XML files on disk and served up dynamically, so there's no need to install a database.


* Posting and management of content through your web browser, including rich text editor support.
* Blogger and MetaWeblog API interface included for posting content via compatible tools.
* Categorisation of content into multiple hierarchical categories.
* Tagging of content and a generation of a tagcloud.
* RSS enclosures for distributing files or podcasting.
* Pinging websites via XML-RPC when new blog entries are added.
* Link to your favorite social bookmarking site

Reader responses

* Reader responses, in the form of threaded comments and MovableType TrackBacks.
* E-mail notifications when new responses are received.
* Pluggable moderation, spam detection and CAPTCHA support.
* Bulk response management features to approve/reject/remove comments and TrackBacks.

Pebble uses the following technologies

  • Java
  • JavaServer Pages
  • JSP Standard Tag Library
  • Java Servlets
  • Acegi Security System for Spring
  • Spring
  • Apache Lucene
  • Jakarta Commons
  • Apache XML-RPC
  • Radeox
  • Pebble is no longer maintained.
    – seinecle
    May 14 at 12:10

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