I've got a program written in Python that writes to stderr and stdout. I invoke it using pythonw, that means it runs without a command line.

Does Windows save those log files and if yes, where?

(I know I can redirect them in python or using the command line, but are they stored automatically?)


Assuming your program is called from a Command Prompt, stderr and stdout are by default directed to the console.

If you want to save them to a file, you must redirect the output.


c:\path\program.exe >c:\temp\stdout.log


c:\path\program.exe 2>c:\temp\stderr.log

STDOUT and STDERR in different files

c:\path\program.exe >c:\temp\stdout.log 2>c:\temp\stderr.log

STDOUT and STDERR in the same file

c:\path\program.exe >c:\temp\stdout.log 2>&1   

If you want to add to an existing log file instead of overwriting the content, use ">>" instead of ">". If the logfile does not exist, it will be create in both cases.

Edit: You edited your question with more details after my initial answer. So the new answer would be: no, they are not stored automatically. You must explicitly redirect the output streams to a file if you want to.

  • Your answer is better. +1 – alex Oct 13 '09 at 8:07
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    DOS died long ago. "Command Prompt" aka cmd.exe is a native Win32 program. – grawity Oct 13 '09 at 13:14

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