I have recently upgraded to a Sharkoon Draconia gaming mouse from a standard Logitech mouse. Previously by tilting the scroll wheel left or right I was able to scroll horizontally in Chrome with my previous Logitech mouse, however this feature no longer works with the new Draconia mouse. I have bound the tilting of the scroll wheel to horizontal scrolling in the drivers and it does work in applications like Microsoft Word.

Draconia Drivers Software

Why is Chrome not detecting horizontal scrolling from my mouse and how can I fix it?


The problem is not with Chrome but with your particular mouse. The default Tilt Left/Right buttons do not send valid HID messages.

To get around this, I suggest installing AutoHotkey.

With your mouse utility, remap the Tilt Left/Right buttons to say the Scroll Lock key and Pause key.

Then create an AutoHotkey script. e.g. tilt.ahk . Fill it with the following;

ScrollLock::Click WL
Pause::Click WR

Save it and compile. Add a shortcut of the executable it created to your Startup folder or registry.

Works a treat at my end.

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