I use synergy to share single keyboard and mouse and clipboard on 2 computers. Server and Client computers run windows 7 x64 ultimate. On client computer I got 2 languages English and Russian. When I triing to change language on client computer to Russian, I see that language icon changed to Russian. But when I starting typing I see that language icon turn back to English and I see english characters. When I triing to switch language by mouse - the same result. When I triing to switch language using client keyboard or mouse on the client I got the same result. So how can I switch language on the client?

Strange behavior: when I pressed Alt-Shift the language turned to Russian. And now I can't switch it to English.

Solution found: To switch language on client you need to point your mouse on server and turn language there. The language of client is defined by language on server.

  • Have you tried switching the language using the Alt+Shift shortcut? – Stefan Seidel Feb 7 '13 at 14:40
  • @StefanSeidel yes I tried – Maxim Yefremov Feb 7 '13 at 15:46

After an hour of torment with Synergy, I stumbled on an alternative solution - ShareMouse tool - that solved the problem with language switching for me. The free version of this app has the same features as Synergy plus ability to switch between screens by a shortcut.

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