I have a laptop running windows 7. It is running realVNC server. I have a mac that I want to use to connect to it. When the PC is awake, it works fine. However, when the PC is asleep, the viewer just hangs, trying to connect.

I see lots of information about VNC being able to wake up a Mac for some versions but not others, but nothing about PCs. Is three something I need to set up?


I should add that I am doing this with both machines on VPN. So its possible that the problem is that when the PC goes tosleep, the VPN closes?


You need to enable Wake On Lan on your Windows 7 laptop. This will ensure that when it receives a network connection request from your Mac that it will wake up and accept the connection.

It's worth noting that WoL doesn't work if your Windows 7 laptop is on wireless, it needs to be a wired connection.

Assuming you want to do that, then this document explains how to configure your computer and Windows. Since you are attempting to connect from within your local network, you don't need to forward the port on your router - that step is only required if you want to wake the computer up from a connection elsewhere.


Try running TightVNC on your windows pc. TightVNC server acts as a windows service and will should automatically wake your PC when it is asleep. The other thing to look at is to make sure your NIC/Wireless card is not turning off to "save power". This setting is in the device manager for the respective parts.

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