I want to buy laptop for programming in Java.

And I don't know which features of processor is more important for programming (not gaming!) purposes.

  • Is Frequency (MHz) important?
  • Is L3 cache (KB) is important?
  • Is Hyper-Threaded 2-core processor much slower than processor with 4 cores (not Hyper-Threaded)?

Usually I'm running:

  • Programming IDE (Eclipse / IDEA)
  • Application server like Glassfish/JBoss
  • Database (e.g. MySQL)
  • Web-browser with many opened tabs + Skype

P.S. In fact, I don't know which processor is more suited for me: Intel i5 3210M or AMD A10-4600M. - Here comparison of processors. Laptop with A10 have slightly powerful configuration. Prices are same.

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  • If you are asking if HT cores are faster then non-HT cores it sounds like you have not done research on how IT Hyper-Threading works. After you dothat your third question will be answered. – Ramhound Feb 11 '13 at 15:55
  • If you are asking if HT cores are faster then non-HT - I wrote in question what I'm asking, if you don't see... – MyTitle Feb 12 '13 at 5:24

It sounds like you're probably developing on a Linux variant. If that is the case, I would suggest going for the Intel processor, all other things being equal. I get the impression that Intel has greater support for Linux.

See if you can find a processor speed comparison, rather than a feature comparison. Personally, I'd go for at least an i5, with at least four cores at 3.5GHz.

In my experience, the biggest factor after processing speed when deciding to buy a development machine is memory. Try for at least 8GB, and more is better. I know someone with a development laptop that has 24GB in it.

Graphics cards are largely irrelevant, unless you're developing games.

NOTE: These numbers will become ridiculously low after about three months, or when the singularity happens! Yaaay, singularity!

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