I use internet through 2 Wi-Fi connections. 1 is home-wifi and 2nd is PICT-wifi . There is at all no problem with PICT-wifi (which requires a PROXY).

But,some days ago ,I changed my home-wifi's SSID name to abcd-wifi. Then it would connect on manually configuring IP but doesn't provide internet (There was no problem in ISP). Now, couple of days back I changed my wifi's name to home-wifi again, because I thought error with it's new SSID. But , still , my laptop is getting connected to home-wifi and I can ping to the wifi-router but not to google(no proxy is required for this connection). Following is the error I get when I ping google.com.

  ping: unknown host www.google.com

Also, it is implied that I cannot access web pages from firefox nor chrome(Note: I removed the previous proxy setting , that I use for PICT-wifi).

Now , how do I connect to internet through home-wifi?

[EDIT after finding a temporary solution] When I switch from PICT-wifi(uses proxy) to home-wifi(no proxy) then the file /etc/resolve.conf changes back to


then I have to manually edit this file to "nameserver" and then I can once again access net(this time for both PICT-wifi and home-wifi). Why is /etc/resolve.conf is changing back to incorrect values on switching between the Wifi. (note: it requires "nameserver" when on PICT-wifi). How to avoid changing of /etc/resolve.conf file to "" for home-wifi?

Ask me any other details if you need. Thanks in advance.

  • What is the output of ip route and cat /etc/resolv.conf? Do you assign your IP (and gateway and DNS) manually or via DHCP (automatic)? – erik Feb 12 '13 at 8:41
  • @erik , I have set my IP address manually , and requires no DNS. I have got a solution. Thanks for your help. – Akshay Patil Feb 13 '13 at 4:55

Okay , as @erik notified .I checked ip route and /etc/resolv.conf file

$ ip route 

this is the output of IP route :- default via dev eth1 proto static dev eth1 scope link metric 1000 dev eth1 proto kernel scope link src metric 2 dev vmnet1 proto kernel scope link src dev vmnet8 proto kernel scope link src


cat /etc/resolv.conf :-


But,my nameserver should be which is the Wi-Fi router's address. So I edited /etc/resolv.conf to


This solved my problem. Thank you for your attention.

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  • You can mark your own question as the correct answer. Although I think you have to wait some time before you are able to mark it. – Karolinger Feb 13 '13 at 5:00

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