I have 3COM 3CRWER100-70 router and Aztech ADSL2+ ETHERNET BRIDGE ROUTER DSL 600E modem connected to it.
My network computers connected to the router and access the internet.

Is it possible to access modem's web interface?


Typically, your wireless router (internal device) will have an address of and the cable modem or DSL modem could have an address of

I'm assuming your network configuration is like this

ISP -> Modem -> Router -> Computer

Of course, this depends on your modem manufacturer and ISP settings.

  • I've also seen, – hyperslug Oct 13 '09 at 22:15
  • my router is indeed , but modem (when connected directly to pc) is The modem is not connected into router's one of 4 lan sockets, it's connected to a DSL socket. – dani_d Oct 13 '09 at 22:18
  • 1
    In my experience, a modem will have an internal (public) IP address, and a private address. An address of is indeed a private address, but it's odd. You should be able to access that IP address even if the modem is plugged into the router – Roy Rico Oct 13 '09 at 22:48

Actually your router can also be thought of as a computer through which all the data passes. It is your network gateway.

To know what is the address of the Router, you need to follow these steps Find out the IP address of your computer, let us say it is Next find out the subnet mask, it can be Another field would be gateway address which is also shown below these two in Windows XP for sure. On Linux it depends on the UI you using.

Now you need to find the network address, you need to do a bitwise AND on your computer's IP address and network mask, doing so, you would get the network address which is in my case. The gateway address is which is the IP address of my router.

As per the convention the first and last address in a subnet is reserved. The first address ( in my case) is the network's address. The last address ( is the broadcast address of the subnet.

The router has the address Now you need to connect to type this in the address bar. Many routers keep the advanced options in a different page which. In my and many routers it is

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