Whenever I have a decimal point in my data, the point on the graph drops down to 0 in the Y-axis.

What could be causing this? It is unusual behaviour, right?

enter image description here

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This happens when the numbers use a different decimal symbol than the one specified in Windows regional settings, which causes those numbers to be interpreted as text.

In my case, the system language had recently been set to French, which uses comma (,) as the decimal symbol, while the numbers in Excel used the period (.). Changing the numbers in Excel and replacing periods with commas fixed the problem.

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Check (and correct) the setting for a decimal symbol in windows: Control panel > Region and Language > Formats > Addional Settings > Decimal symbol

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This may not have been the issue for your case, but it was for mine so I thought it was worth sharing - my data was stored as text, despite being formatted as a number with the correct number decimal places.

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