Is it possible to move all links from my delicious.com bookmarks to Evernote?

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In Evernote you can import all your delicious bookmarks, maybe this can help you...


I tried this and it worked perfectly:

Import Delicious Bookmarks to Evernote


You can even use both: delicious and evernote, if you do not want to leave delicious behind.

Use the new ifttt.com (if this than that) to create a simple trigger to add delicious links to evernote.


Its pretty cool. I am wondering what ifttt will be useful for in the future...


Evernote used to offer this functionality, but they've since discontinued it.

A third-party web application, Delicious to Evernote, now offers this functionality, but only imports 1000 bookmarks and sometimes errors with "Error processing : Exception of type 'Evernote.EDAM.Error.EDAMUserException' was thrown." Also note that you need to trust this developer with your private information to use it.

Someone else offered instructions on how to do this manually using the Delicious API to export, a JavaScript-based translator, and the Evernote desktop app's import feature, but not everyone has been able to make this solution work for them.

For new bookmarks, it is possible to replicate them on Evernote using ifttt.com.

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