I can't find any combination of list formatting and default or custom text-wrap settings where, for item 4, the second line of text lines up correctly - i.e. where the 'n' lines up with the 'S' as expected (see screenshot below).

How can I make the second and further lines of a list item line up correctly when to the right of an image? The document displayed has the following characteristics.

  • The list item styles are the Word 2007 default settings
  • When the image is removed the list item text lines up correctly
  • The image text-wrap formatting is set to 'square'

enter image description here


You may use the indentation sliders on the ruler to solve the problem. If the ruler is not displayed, you can make is visible though the View menu: View > Ruler

Note in the following figure where the left-indent slider is located when I select the bulleted item, which is not aligned as per your requirements. The left-indent slider is the lower one; it is highlighted with the red arrow.

before moving the slider

However, when I select the rest of the bulleted items and move the left-indent slider, as shown below, the text is aligned as per your requirements.

after moving the slider

Here is some documentation that may give further directions.

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    Wow - so much for discoverability. I'd never have found that on my own. I'd been thinking I'd have to resort to a kludge, such as inserting the image and the text into a 1x2 table to make it work. Thank you so much! – marfarma Feb 14 '13 at 20:28

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