I'm using iTerm2 and tmux (from homebrew) on a Mac. I have set -g mode-mouse on in my tmux.conf. When I scroll up I am automatically put into copy mode but I am looking for a way to be able to scroll normally, without going into copy mode. I don't like the scrolling and most of the time I am not intending to copy anything anyway.


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As of tmux 1.8, it offers special integration with iTerm2. All you need to do is start a new tmux session with

tmux -CC

Then simply re-attach with

tmux -CC attach

Once started this way, it will look entirely native and scrolling will work as usual.

Official iTerm2 + tmux integration page details the use. Note that the information is a bit stale, as of tmux 1.8 this support is builtin so no need to build a custom tmux version.

tmux man page provides more information on the -CC flag, search for "control mode".


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