I'm using a macbook pro running Windows 7.

I've tried a few different scripts and none of them get me what I need. I need them to act exactly like their counterpart, i.e. Ctrl key acting as Windows key needs to have all the modifiers/system hotkeys work correctly - for instance:

  • Ctrl+R should open RUN
  • Ctrl+D should show desktop
  • Ctrl+Shift+ should switch monitors
  • Ctrl should popup start menu
  • Windows+MouseScroll should zoom text

... and so on.

Right now I'm working with this script:

*LCtrl:: Send,{LWin DOWN}
*LCtrl up:: Send,{LWin UP}

*LWin:: Send,{LCtrl DOWN}
*LWin up:: Send,{LCtrl UP}

Which works most of the time, but when I click Ctrl+R for the run screen it won't let me type in the run box. I'm not sure why that is.

I also tried this version but it was terrible and has lots of problems with modifiers:


There is a better way to achieve this goal (to completely swap the keys) without using any 3rd-party software at all. Windows has a built-in key scan code mapper facility. This MSDN article explains how to swap left CTRL key with the CAPS LOCK key.

Scan codes for the Windows keys are E0 5B for the Left and E0 5C for the Right

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