I have a program that generates console output colored with ANSI codes. How to convert it to PDF keeping the colours?

I need a unixish command line solution


The best solution so far: aha to convert to HTML (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/245121/a-library-to-convert-ansi-escapes-terminal-formatting-color-codes-to-html), then convert HTML to PDF e.g. with wkhtmltopdf.

I am still looking for a one step solution.


I made a script that does ANSI->SVG. You can then convert to pdf with headless Inkscape.


ls --color | ./ansi_svg.py | inkscape -z -f /dev/stdin --export-pdf=ls.pdf


If you have calibre/pdfcreator/cutepdf kind of utility installed in your environment or computer. You can use lp to send text to printer.

  • Thank you, but they all are GUI stuff, and pdfcreator is Windows only. Don't fit. – grep Feb 15 '13 at 22:04

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