Hey Im stucked with this problem...

Im using PCBSD (freebsd) which has default csh shell, now I wanted to use bash as a default so I made

> chsh -s /bin/bash milo

now i have in passwd

> milo:*:1001:1001:milo:usr/home/milo:/bin/bash

everthing seems to be ok after reboot (bash default)

And now I need for my .bashrc to start automatically when login and it doesnt...

my bashrc is located by default in /compat/linux/etc/skel/.bashrc

bashrc obviously isnt starting automatically. I already tried source it to the ~/.profile, usr/home/milo/.profile and .bash_profile and so on still nothing

I noticed (when Im in csh shell) that with .cshrc which is located in ~/cshrc (csh shell), I added aliases and after reboot everything was working!.

So there might be a issue with changing the shell vs autostarting files

Please help

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You should copy /compat/linux/etc/skel/.bashrc to your $HOME :

cp /compat/linux/etc/skel/.bashrc ~
editor ~/.bashrc || vi ~/.bashrc
  • THANKS! problem solved. My fail, I just navigaed to the wrong folder whole time and that was root folder not my user ~ folder. Feb 17, 2013 at 4:18
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