I have raspberry pi with Raspbian “wheezy”. I am trying to rdesktop from pi to win 8. I use rdesktop 1.7.1. My problem is, that I can't share local resouce for ex. local folder.

rdesktop -u martin -r disk:pi=/home/pi/share <ip>

I can connect, login, work .... But when trying to access \tsclient\pi I get error: Win cannot access ....

I also tried chmor -r 777 for share folder

Thanks for any advice/help...


I'd suggest giving FreeRDP a try instead of rdesktop. FreeRDP supports NTLM & NLA as well as a number of other protocols within RDP that rdestkop does not. More details on their wikipedia page as well.

Feature List

  • RemoteFX
  • RemoteApp
  • Clipboard Redirection
  • MultimediaRedirection
  • Disk Redirection
  • Parallel Port Redirection
  • Serial Port Redirection
  • Printer Redirection
  • Smartcard Redirection
  • Sound Redirection
  • Network Level Authentication (NLA)


ss freerdp


# connect using default RPP port (3389)
% xfreerdp mycomputer.mydom.com

# connect using different port
% xfreerdp mycomputer.mydom.com:1234

# connect using acct. + password
% xfreerdp mycomputer.mydom.com -t 1234 -u user -p password

# connect using acct. without password
% xfreerdp mycomputer.mydom.com -t 1234 -u user -p

# connect using domain acct. w/o password
% xfreerdp mycomputer.mydom.com -t 1234 -d mydom -u user -p

# connect to console
% xfreerdp mycomputer.mydom.com -t 1234 -d mydom -0 -u user -p

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