I am looking for a GUI that lets me manage and edit Windows Services. The Windows control panel "Services" explorer doesn't let me do any editing of a service's set-up.

I found these two StackExchange questions that go part of the way to editing service parameters and information:

These two examples use the SC.exe (Service Control) command line tool.

After all the time we've had Windows in its current state, I was hoping we had a GUI tool out there that does the same thing for tweaks and 'repairs' to services. I'm posting here to learn if someone knows of such a utility?

For bonus points :-) I'd also like to know if you can use system environment variables in a service's file path? E.g. something like:

  • "%JAVA_HOME%/bin/java.exe" "-classpath" . . .

I appreciate that such a path wouldn't take effect without a reboot or restart of the service. However, that kind of set-up, it would make life somewhat more straightforward. I'm not holding my breath, just asking. I am more optimistic to see a real editor after almost years of the 'Services' explorer window. I'm sure there's an open source or other tool out there ...

Thanks in advance, will.


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Following Karan's comment I can confirm that:

  • Windows Service Manager ... Works as requested. This includes the use of %JAVA_HOME% in the start-up command.
  • Advanced Windows Service Manager ... Does not do what I'm looking for, edit the service properties.
    • It does some things but not as much more than the Windows Services explorer.
    • Most of all it is a virus check for services, which is handy when you need it.

I'm very happy using %JAVA_HOME% works; that will save heaps of maintenance when I install the Java updates. I am not sure how one can escape the "%"-s on the sc.exe command line.

Thanks to Karan for the pointing me in the right direction.

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