How to go from AHCI to IDE just for firmware flashing on my SSD. Currently using windows 8. Tried a few times but kept getting the dreaded blue screen.

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    There are lots of questions about enabling AHCI after installing Windows, such as this or this. Also check the KB article. You can do the opposite to revert to IDE. AFAIK nothing about the procedure's changed in Win8. – Karan Feb 22 '13 at 1:53

If you need to switch to the Legacy/IDE mode just for the firmware upgrade - the trick is not to let Windows boot up while in this mode. Most SSD firmware updates come as a bootable .iso images with their own flashers integrated anyway.


  1. switch BIOS setting to IDE

  2. flash

  3. switch BIOS back to AHCI

  4. boot into Windows

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