I've got a plugin that lets me paste in an unformatted XML and set up its tagged structure. However, I'd need to have one for e.g. C#. Haven't found such, though.

  1. Where can I find retagging plugin for Notepad++ (for C# code)?
  2. How can I go about writing my own if there's no such thing?

Note: This is not a question on how to enable NP++ to indent text I type but reformatting a pasted in chunk of text written already.


The only plugin I know of to do this is nppastyle, that will allow you to integrate Artistic Style with Notepad++.

However, if using Notepad++ is not a must, there are better options available.

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  • +1 for suggestions beyond the scope of the the question. NPP is not a must. However, in most cases, it's the best choice. Not always, though. Thanks! – Konrad Viltersten Feb 24 '13 at 22:15
  1. Install plugin for Notepad++ : here

  2. Open some CS file. Write script, edit, copy, paste and so on.

  3. Select all source code (Ctrl + A).

  4. From menu select : Plugins -> CS-Scripts -> Format Document (shortkey Ctrl + F8).

    And CS script is formatted. That's all.

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