How would I return a monthly average with below cells without manually selecting each month separately?

  A           B
1 2013-02-13  25600
2 2013-02-14   5000
3 2013-03-15  12300
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Pivot tables are the obvious answer. Give your columns titles (Date, Value) in the top row, then create a pivot table.

Add Date as your row labels, then right-click any date and group by month.

Then add your Value column to the values section of your pivot table. Right-click any value and choose summarise values by > average.

Job done!

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    The trick of "right-click any date and group by month" is priceless. What I learnt also is you can group by both YEAR and MONTH by holding CTRL key :) – Korayem May 3 '14 at 20:20

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