I'M trying to create a map layout from an Excel spreadsheet in Excel 2003.

I have x and y coordinates in columns as well as group name and place name. I tried using a scatter chart but I can only display x, y coords or series names.

How can add I get the group name or place name to appear in the scatter diagram?


I’m not sure I entirely understand your question, and I have only Excel 2007 to play with, so my findings might be of no value to you.  But I did accomplish something that seems to be what I guess you want:

enter image description here

You obviously already know how to create the scatter chart.  What I did next was:

  • Click somewhere in the chart.  (Remember that Microsoft Office 2007 and above uses the “ribbon”.  In Excel 2007, when you click in a chart, three new tabs appear on the ribbon: “Design”, “Layout”, and “Format”.)
  • Go to the “Layout” tab.
  • Find the “Labels” function group, and click on either the “Chart Title” or the “Axis Titles” button.  They both have drop-down menus.  The “Chart Title” drop-down menu lists “Centered Overlay Title” and “Above Chart”; the “Axis Titles” drop-down menu lists “Primary Horizontal Axis Title” and “Primary Vertical Axis Title” (and both of those have pull-right menus, which are self-explanatory).  I selected “Primary Horizontal Axis Title”; “Axis Title” appeared below the X axis.
  • Click on the title.
  • Click in the formula bar, and enter the value you want for the label.  Cell references must be fully qualified, so, in the above example, I used =Sheet1!D1.

Good luck finding the equivalent functions in Excel 2003.  (And if you do, please post them as another answer.)

Not added by OP. One way to to insert a label could be to add another 'series' (ie ColumnD above) move its legend, format to hide series marker and adjust other formats:

enter image description here

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