On my local machine, window titles within screen update nicely to the pwd. I have

shelltitle '% |bash'

in my .screenrc. Yet when I ssh to another host, the window title remains as the pwd from where I ran the ssh command, rather than updating to be the pwd within my ssh session.

How can I make my screen window title relative to my ssh session?


You can change the window title of the current screen session with echo -en "\033kNEW TITLE\033\134". On your local machine you have probably some code in your ~/.bashrc oder in some global config file (the location can depend on OS flavor) which changes the title accordingly, e.g. in your prompt setting; try echo $PS1.

So, you have to modify the remote ~/.bashrc, too. A good starting point can be

PS1='\033k\u@\h: \w\033\134\u@\h:\w > '

which will display a prompt like user@machine:~ > and sets the screen title to user@machine:~.

Please be aware, that this will not change the title of your terminal window. The command for that is echo -ne "\033]0;SOMETHING\007".

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