I really love how Rstudio has a shortcut for running a line of selected code, this allows for much quicker coding. I notice more and more however, that I need to work in python as it offers a bit more flexibility than R.

I prefer to code python in sublime text 2 and it is very flexible but right now I am copying and pasting code constantly in iPython using the %paste command. Does anybody know of a simple way to add such a feature to sublime text? I have looked at some github projects (like http://tinyurl.com/99xoo9a) but they do not really offer a substantial startup guide.


theres a thing now called ipython notebook. you can get it from the anaconda distribution. that does pretty much what i wanted it to do.


The solution for now seems to switch to lighttable. Which seems to have this impressive functionality for ipython AND for javascript.

More info can be found here: http://docs.lighttable.com/

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