According to the Microsoft Office 2007 training and locations elsewhere on the Microsoft help forum, if a user of Microsoft Office Word 2007 selects References->Table of Contents ->Insert Table of Contents then the Table of Contents dialogue box should appear, allowing for specification of included headings and other configurations.

I found this to be true a few days ago when I was working on documents using my copy of Microsoft Office Word 2007. However, currently when I follow these steps the dialogue does not appear. Is there a way to figure out what may be causing this issue, and/or correct it? I was experimenting with writing macros earlier, so I do not know if somehow I altered the default template or building blocks in some way, but I do not beleive I did anything that should have that affect.

I have tried renaming the Microsoft Building Blocks file located at C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Document Building Blocks\1033 and allowing it to regenerate a new copy, but that did not fix the issue.

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The issue was I had a macro sub named InsertTableOfContents which was intercepting the command. Stefan Blom provided the following solution through the Microsoft User's Forum:

See if you inadvertently added a macro sub called InsertTableOfContents, which would intercept the command to display the TOC dialog box. Delete the macro if you find it.

Also see solution provided on the forum here.

I opted to simply rename the macro in my case, which resolved the issue.

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