As I read from this Q, there's an option in VMWare that allows dragging windows outside the VMWare environment. Great feature. But how about Microsoft Virtual PC? Does it also offer something like this Unity mode and if so, how?

Addendum: The host is running either Vista or XP.

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    I edited my answer with new information. Short answer, it's not possible with Virtual PC. – alex Oct 16 '09 at 10:28

Something similar to unity mode is available only in the version of Virtual PC shipped with Windows 7. That's how XP mode works, an XP app window will appear alongside all the other Windows 7 windows, but without being themed (it still has the normal Windows XP theme, not the Aero theme).

alt text

In the image above you can see that one of the Office windows has the default Windows XP theme. That's similar to unity, it's outside the VM.

Edit: running something similar to Unity is not possible in earlier versions of Virtual PC, it's a feature limited to only the version that ships with Windows 7; this version can't be installed in XP or Vista.

  • It’s good to note that that feature is only available in Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate. Not the Home Premium or other weird Windows versions. – Martin Marconcini Nov 13 '09 at 12:26

Microsoft Virtual PC does not have this feature. Windows Virtual PC on Windows 7 however does support this for Windows Virtual Machines.

Strangely this is a feature more common on MacOS Virtual Applications, since VirtualBox, VMWare and Parallels all support it. On Windows it has taken a bit longer to get running. VirtualBox has supported this on Linux for a while as well.

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