I'm using sftp batch scripts to automate some file transfers.

Is there a syntax for putting comments in the batch files?

For example:

sftp -b mybatchscript.sftp nick@server

Where mybatchscript.sftp contains:

cd mydir
get *.txt
get *.dat

I'd like to have something similar to:

cd mydir
# Fetch all text files
get *.txt
# Fetch all data files
get *.dat



Ok - it turns out that my guess at a commenting format works just fine.

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It might depend on the sftp server, but with mine using # Whatever as a comment works fine just like you wrote. If it doesn't, you could always do that and just process that file with grep:

grep -v '^#' myBactchScriptNotes.sftp > myBatchScript

The commands are interpreted by an SFTP client, so it depends on the client, not a server (contrary to the answer by @KyleBrandt).

With the OpenSSH sftp (the most widespread one), lines starting with the # are indeed ignored.

# Download text files
get *.txt

It does not seem to be documented in the sftp man page, but it follows (documented) convention from OpenSSH configuration files such as sshd_config:

Lines starting with `#' and empty lines are interpreted as comments.

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