How to prevent LibreOffice running 'recover' at each start-up?

On Ubuntu, each time I restart my computer, and then start LibreOffice, it asks me whether I want to recover documents. It does this even though I've turned off automatic backups.

Other editors, such as gedit don't have this behavior.


Adding the option '--norestore' when running libreoffice gets rid of the recovery dialog.

This can be made to happen systematically by adding the following to your .bashrc:

alias libreoffice="libreoffice --norestore"
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  • that just made my libreoffice crash – Timo Huovinen Apr 20 '16 at 11:16
  • How do you make this a default behaviour in Windows? – Baz Guvenkaya Jan 15 '18 at 5:01

I have not found a clean solution to this problem. This is what I am using as a workaround on Ubuntu 18.04. For the command line:

alias libreoffice="libreoffice --norestore"

For UI elements I open the following folder with nautilus,

sudo nautilus /usr/share/applications

and edit the properties of the 6 links to the LibreOffice apps to call libreoffice with --norestore

File Properties Dialog

The changes seem to be persistent although there is no Save button. IMHO this should be configurable in libreoffice and I will file a bug report/feature request as soon as I find time.

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