How do I delete everything but the first 6 characters in a cell throughout a whole column?

The cells contain identification numbers and in some cases more identifications have been made in each row. I am ony interested in the first identification number of 6 characters, consisting of both letters and numbers.

Ex: X47551;X85H52;X14J56

So how do I remove everything but the 'X47551'?


You could create another column that uses a formula to pull only the 6 left characters:

=LEFT(A1,6) where A1 = "X47551;X85H52;X14J56"

After using the formula you may want a column of the text that no longer depends on it. This could replace your original column, if desired:

  1. Select the column
  2. Right click -> Copy
  3. Select another blank column
  4. Right click -> Paste special...
  5. Select Paste Values -> Ok

Alternatively, you may want to split the existing column by the semicolon delimiter:

  1. Select the column
  2. Navigate to Data -> Text to Columns
  3. Select Delimited -> Next
  4. Select Other -> Enter ';' -> Next
  5. Change format, if desired -> Finish

This will change a single column of "X47551;X85H52;X14J56" into three columns of "X47551", "X85H52", and "X14J56".

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