I would need to use Autohotkey to disable Function keys ( F1 -F12 ) on my Lenovo ideapad u310, running a Windows 8. I need this in order to use the F1-F12 in applications such as Ableton Live. Additionally, if it's possible to program the Windows 8's stock features behind an Fn key (see nb below) that would be even better.

The autohotkey program itself is working just fine, I've tried bunch of things successfully. But for some reason, I can't disable the Function keys or re-map them. Function Keys in Windows 8 are by default programmed to do things like opening up Charm, controlling volume etc.

In Windows 8, the F10 key, for example, opens the second screen option. This means I can't use it for other purposes, because every time I press it the second screen option opens up. The audio software I use would badly require freeing those F1-F12 keys from Windows 8 features, such as the second screen example. Simply: I'd like the Function Keys do nothing at all by default, thus being "available" for certain software to utilize.

I tried the basic "F1::Return" but nothing. Any ideas? Any help would mean a lot :)

So is it even possible to override these Windows 8 interface features with autohotkey?

nb: There's a feature in Mac OS that I'm actually trying to somewhat emulate here. On a mac computer, you can choose to have the function keys' features behind the Fn button, so you have to always press Fn+function. This way the user can execute OS features BUT still use the function keys without the Fn button in any software (like pressing F5 for refresh on an internet browser etc.).

  • I don't understand the second paragraph. You just want to completely disable F1 to F12 keys?
    – user197261
    Mar 5, 2013 at 16:20
  • Good call. I cleared it up.
    – nazaali
    Mar 5, 2013 at 16:33
  • Sorry it is still ambiguous. Do you want to completely disable Function keys or something else?
    – user197261
    Mar 5, 2013 at 16:36
  • That's what I say in the first sentence. If what followed made it unclear, I've now hopefully made it more explicit.
    – nazaali
    Mar 5, 2013 at 16:44
  • >>I'd like the Function Keys do nothing at all by default, thus being "available" for certain software to utilize.<< So you would like to disable them completely and at the same time not disable them? <no sarcasm> I'm just trying to understand.
    – user197261
    Mar 5, 2013 at 16:48

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I think that your problem is the "reverse" Fn key.

I think your problem can be described as:
"When I press F5 with my browser open, "Windows" does "something" and when I press Fn+F5, my browser reloads the page as I would expect".

This has nothing to do with Windows 8. Unfortunately there are many laptop suppliers (e.g. HP and Compaq) who do/did the same. I always had to go back to the BIOS to reverse (normalize) the Fn key function, so that F1 ... F12 worked without first pressing Fn and that the "special" functions like volume, WiFi, Screen Switching, etc. all require the use of the Fn key first.

From the Lenovo Manual. Change settings in your BIOS!

Setting hotkey mode

By default, the hotkey functions are accessible by pressing the appropriate hotkey. However, you can disable the hotkey mode in the BIOS setup utility.

To disable the hotkey mode:

1 Restart the computer.
When the Lenovo logo appears, immediately press Fn+F2 to enter the BIOS setup utility.

2 In the BIOS setup utility, open the Configuration menu, and change the setting of HotKey Switch from Hotkey Mode to Legacy Mode.

3 Open the Exit menu, and select Exit Saving Changes.

Note: When hotkey mode is disabled, press the Fn key and the appropriate hotkey to access the corresponding hotkey function.

Not in the manual:

From now on you enter the BIOS most likely with just F2.

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  • yep this did the trick, thank you very much. Sorry for the long pause in answering.
    – nazaali
    Mar 17, 2013 at 12:44
  • If it doesn't work try FN+F12 or FN+F1 .. for me FN+F12 worked. But i didn't find Configuration menu yet :(
    – Chris Sim
    May 12, 2014 at 8:04

The behavior of Windows 8 on the Surface Pro (with the Type Pad keyboard) is as follows:

  • F1 acts as mute by default, and F1 only if the Fn key is simultaneously depressed.
  • F2 acts as volume down by default, and F2 only if the Fn key is simultaneously depressed.
  • F3 acts as volume up by default, and F3 only if the Fn key is simultaneously depressed.
  • And so on.

My understanding of the hardware is, therefore, that the F1 signal is only being sent to the OS when the Fn+F1 combination is pressed. Effectively, the Fn key on the Type Pad keyboard is behaving in the opposite direction of the Fn key on most other laptop keyboards.

Therefore, if the OP wants to make the F1 do nothing by default, they can't use the "F1" shortcut, and must use the scancode for this specific F1 key. The scancode would also allow the remapping to F1, and probably F1 to the scancode - if done for all 12 keys, the behavior of the Fn key could be returned to be inline with what other laptops do.

  • ^Thanks for the comment. The solution by Mr. Illbrink solved my problem in the end.
    – nazaali
    Mar 17, 2013 at 12:46
  • @nazaali, Thank you for the feedback. Glad to see that your problem was resolved! Mar 17, 2013 at 12:54

I don't think you want to disable the keys. I wrote a AHK script for my MS Wedge Keyboard because of this issue. For example, I wanted Alt+F4 to close a program but instead it increases the volume. I don't want to hold the Fn (makes three keys) so you have to remap what the computer sees to what you want it to do. For example Alt+Volume_Up should be Alt+F4. I also use dexpot and need Win+F3 and Win+F2 to map correctly.

; Fixes for the MS wedge keyboard
!Volume_Up::!F4 ; This is to close programs
#Volume_Down::#F3 ; This is for Dexpot Full screen
#Volume_Mute::#F2 ; This is for Dexpot App list

So you just need to figure out what your Function keys do when you press them and the rest is easy.

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