The host OS is Win 8 Pro. The guest OS is Ubuntu Linux. When the VM is booted fresh, there is mouse and keyboard control. However, if I save state and then restore from saved state, I have no mouse and keyboard control. I receive this message:

The virtual machine reports that the guest os does not support mouse pointer integration..."

I'm not new to linux. I've done all the obvious things. I've checked the video settings. I've reinstalled the guest additions. I even got tired, waited for the next Virtual Box update, installed that -- nope. :-)

Pressing the Host-Key (right ctrl in my case) doesn't help. Under preferences, Auto-Capture Keyboard is checked.

I have no mouse and keyboard control after restoring from saved state.

Any ideas? This seems like a bug.


One way that I can think of that might fix the problem is,

Try Hibernate/suspend from the Ubuntu menu, wait until it completely done, then save state.

I'm pretty sure after this extra step, you mouse and keyboard control will be back.

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