I'm curious if it is possible to stream a webcam to an DLNA Digital Media Renderer...

Here's the idea:

  • We have a webcam attached to a small server
    • running a DLNA Digital Media Server (DMS) (software?) streaming the webcam
    • running a DLNA Digital Media Controller (DMC) (software?) controlling the stream
  • as soon as some motion is detected by the webcam
    • the DMC takes the video stream from the DMS an throws it to a DLNA Digital Media Renderer (DMR) (i.e. a fancy SmartTV)

IMHO this is similar to what happens, when you use iMediaShare to get a Youtube video on you SmartTV.


Useful scenarios? Well, in MY case i want to add a video camera to a doorbell. And whenever someone rings and I'm watching TV, i see the video from the door. Additionally you can stream this to PCs and smartphones.

Why i need you

I hope you like the idea, too, and have some information for me. Anything will do, but i prefer Open Source and Linux stuff, for the sake of customisation. I will add all useful information to this thread, so you may follow up, if you want.

Sorry for the poor tagging, but i can't use DMC or DMS. Do you have ideas?

Useful Resources



Can't post links due to rep... will wait -.-

  • Coherence: Seems outdated?
  • GUPnP: looks nice, lib only? seems to be very big, and i didn't find information to DMC
  • Fuppes: Looks promising, but seems outdated. No DMC support?
  • Cling: Looks promising, but lib only. After trying the Workbech I was able to control my TV. So this LIB will be checked for shure!
  • Brisa: Looks promising and big.
  • MiniDLNA: Seems it doesn't support what i want...

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