My work requires me to send many email & must be sure that at least, my email has been read when I send them. Because of the rule for "share information", I must CC many people, so if I use "outlook read receipt" then it make so rude, so I post this question to ask:
Assume that I have 3 email id in "TO list" and a group mail id in "CC list". Can we configure Outlook for it send "read receipt" to only 3 email in "TO list"?
Sorry for my bad English!

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There isn't a way to request a read receipt from addresses in the "TO" field while excluding the addresses in the "CC" field. Not sure what version of Outlook you are using, but here is a work around for Outlook 2010 which uses rules to request read receipts for certain addresses.

Microsoft Community - Individual Read Receipts

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