A keyboard shortcut (Control+Option+scroll up / down) I use constantly trigger accidental page zoom in Google chrome. I would like a way to disable this behavior or even completely disable zooming in google chrome if that's what it takes. Any ideas?


You can't per a search. Please also note this question may be closed as it may be a duplicate to this and this

Answer from official Google board here.

You can't turn off the zoom feature on Chrome

  • I have seen both questions. However neither of which targeted the Mac platform. That's why I asked a new question, thinking perhaps the answer is different for each platform. – Tony Mar 13 '13 at 5:48
  • Android is a mobile OS with completely different UI. I think you meant windows / linux. Chrome has a common codebase in C++ for all platforms but has platform specific bindings especially when it comes to user interface (that's why chrome on mac looks native, as is chrome on windows). And to achieve this may not even require chrome's cooperation depending on which OS you are running (e.g. system override the shortcut) – Tony Mar 13 '13 at 18:10

The 'Zoom Block' chrome extension should work on any platform (works for me on ubuntu):


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