Having tried many options to replicate Home, End functionality (for beginning of line and end of line), from windows to OSX, I have got to the point where it works everywhere except in vim. I am using iterm2 on OSX.

I have tried editing my .vimrc and vim seems to ignore the presets for the rest of the system.

How do I remap home and end in vim to do this?


Having resolved an issue with my numpad here:

How do I get the numpad to work in vim using iterm2 on osx with term=xterm?

I decided to use the same hack and found that if you go to Preferences -> Profiles -> Keys -> Load preset of xterm with numeric keypad and then change the shortcut for Shift HOME, press HOME. Change the shortcut for Shift END, press END.

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  • Escape sequence [1;2H for home and [1;2F for end. – J0hnG4lt Mar 13 '13 at 11:14

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