I have a Logitech Anywhere MX mouse. Its right button is not working properly and needs to be replaced. I have found in this question that the replacement button is E-Switch TS20100F070S.

The button part itself is very cheap but the shown shipping costs are more expensive than a brand new Anywhere MX mouse.

Are there cheap mouse models which uses compatible button parts so I can salvage them to repair my mouse?


You most probably can fix it yourself with any surface-mount microswitch that fits and that you can fix on the board. Make sure that the button is properly located and use some glue if needed to position it + wires to connect to the former pads. This is quite tricky but doable...

As for me, I first de-soldered one pad of the existing (partially) defective microswitch, raised it a bit with a very small flathead screwdriver while the solder was liquid and let it freeze in place. This reduced slightly the gap between the microswitch and the button. This probably will give more time before I need to replace it completely with a spare part.

Warning again: you may totally ruin the mouse, not even speaking of the warranty ;)

I was dumbly too zealous and wanted to do the same for the other microswitch end, but it stripped off completely the pad off the board... No way to make contact again here. But I was lucky to find the signal elsewhere on the mouse board and solder a very thin wire from there to the side of the microswitch that was no more in contact with the board... Warning again: I am not even sure this is the right place to get the proper signal, even though it worked fine for me at the end!

You'll have an image similar to this but better not damage the board tracks in the first place ;)

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