I'm backing up data on a Ubuntu computer to a separate hard drive. Do I need the admin permission to perform rsnapshot?

I'm having following error when do rsnapshot configtest without sudo:

ERROR: /etc/rsnapshot.conf on line 28:
ERROR: snapshot_root /media/BACKUP/WORK/ - snapshot_root exists but is not \
ERROR: /etc/rsnapshot.conf on line 230:
ERROR: backup /media/sda5/ localhost/ - snapshot_root needs to be defined \
         before backup points 

Ideally, I want the backup drive to be read only, and rsnapshot should not need the root permission. Here are main lines in configure file:

snapshot_root   /media/BACKUP/WORK/
backup  /media/sda5/    localhost/

I had the same problem but it's fairly easy to solve.

You simply have to change the permissions of the folder you set rsnapshot to, to your user:


In your case:


However you usually want, that only root is able to make and delete backups You can however create a cron tab which creates backups automatically

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