I have a Windows 7 machine that I use to open up a SOCKS connection using Putty on SSH. I set the tunnel to Dynamic localhost 8080 which I can use locally.

How do I get a machine on the local network to access and able to use that proxy?

Under FireFox settings for network on the SOCKS settings I tried and entered for the local computer that has the open connection. Do I need to do something else?

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on your server run powershell as admin and run

 netstat -abo | findstr LISTENING | findstr :8080

note the IP address associated with :8080. is it,,or0.0.0.0? My hunch is the ip address is, which means that the port is only available to the localhost. try adjusting your socks proxy to use instead of 'localhost'.


You have to enable the checkbox "Local ports accept connections from other hosts" in PuTTY's Tunnel settings:

Screenshot PuTTY

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