I use this current command that archives the folder "folder-root" and all it's content to a file named "site.zip":

zip -r site.zip folder-root/*

Problem is - I want to zip the contents of the folder and not the folder itself. Notice: I must issue the command from the current directory (ie - can't issue it from inside the folder).

How do I do that?


This should do the job:

zip -rj site.zip folder-root/*

zip --help says:

-j   junk (don't record) directory
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    This will junk any subdirectory inside the directory as well. Not sure if that was wanted.
    – henko
    Oct 7 '13 at 8:54
cd folder-root

zip -r ../site.zip *

This question has a similiar problem and the answer could work. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2597875/how-can-i-build-a-tar-from-stdin

zip site.zip `ls -1 folder-root/`

This will create the list of files that you want to add into your zip file.

  • Unless the files have spaces
    – jordanm
    Mar 16 '13 at 19:58

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