Lets say I have captured some handshakes and other data from a WPA network and would like to crack it using Pyrit. I have a database of around 800 million passwords, but having Pyrit check through all of these using attack_batch takes weeks or longer on my PC.

Is there any way of telling Pyrit to check a certain list first? As in have Pyrit check a list of, say, the 10,000 most common passwords BEFORE trying my large database? Is it as simple as importing the smaller, common password list first?


AFAIK, Pyrit goes through each word in order, so it should be as simple as moving the common words to the top.

Assuming that top.txt is a file holding all the words you want to try first and words.txt is your main wordlist, this should do the trick:

cat top.txt | cat words.txt > new_list.txt
pyrit -r wpa.cap -i new_list.txt -b <BSSID> attack_passthrough

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