I just got a windows8 laptop and I noticed that the clock is displayed in two areas.

1) Desktop - Task bar 2) Lock Screen.

If I have to see the time, I have to keep switching between the desktop and the task bar.

Can I make the taskbar visible across all apps?


If you are in 'Modern UI' apps, you should not be using the taskbar. The 'new' place to find the clock is in the Charms bar, which can be opened by one of the following:

  • Hitting Win+C on a keyboard, or
  • Moving the cursor to one of the right corners and swiping down the side, or
  • Dragging in one of the right corners with your finger on a touchscreen

It should display a clock on the lower left and a bar on the right side:

Click for full size


You may be in kiosk mode when you have apps open. You can press f11 to toggle it. Also, if you upgraded from a previous version of windows, it may be an upgrade issue where the taskbar is not always on top. Try creating a new account and see if the new account has the problem.


Another method apart from the one Bob mentioned is to hold Windows+,. (That's a comma) This is peek at desktop and works from Desktop/Metro and hence you take a quick glance at the taskbar for the time. Note that is similar to the Windows+Space shortcut in Windows 7.

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