How to make unison (file synchronization) to ignore files with .swp extensions? what should i add on the prf file?

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See the manual

ignore = Name {*.swp}

It is important to note that the wildcard * will not match files that begin with a dot ., so this will not ignore .swp files created temporarily by vim. To ignore files with a leading dot in their name you also need the line

ignore = Name {.*.swp}

You can combine these two lines (ignore all files that end with .swp either with or without a leading .) and also ignore some of the other temporary files that vim creates (.swo and .swn) with this single line

ignore = Name {.*,*}.sw[pon]
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    For the GUI users, this is available in the menu under Synchronization>Change Profile (Shortcut: P)>Edit and then you need to add a new preference "ignore" with your Wildcard expressions.
    – Nash
    Jul 4, 2018 at 6:17

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